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Lotus Flower

Unfolding Lotus

Psychotherapy for the Mind, Body, and Soul

“Just like the lotus we too have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of the darkness and radiate into the world.”

- Unknown

About Me

My name is Robin Salmon

As a young, queer, neurodivergent individual who has experienced mental health struggles in the past, I can really relate to and understand the challenges that many of the people I work with experience.  

This world can be tough, but I'm here to remind you that you're tougher!  


Services Available

Oriental Lotus

Individual Therapy

Meet with Robin online from the comfort of your own home. 
In person sessions can also be arranged for those in Kingston, Ontario.  Please reach out if

you are interested and that can

be arranged.

Oriental Lotus


There's something really special about people coming together and co-creating, sharing, feeling, and healing in community. 

Groups can be introspective, intentional, educational, meaningful, and fun and laidback.

Oriental Lotus


STAY TUNED for these recordings of Robin sharing information, tools, strategies, and guided meditative practices.  These can be helpful to anyone in their mental health journey, whether you're just beginning or years into it.  

Reach Out Today

Thank you!

Option 1:  Fill out the following form: 


Option 2:  Email me directly:


Option 3:  Book an Initial Consultation:


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