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About Therapy

My Philosophy

Imagine living your best life...  What if I told you that was not just possible, but it is your birth right!!!!  You deserve to feel at peace, to feel whole, to own your worth, to feel confident and secure, to step into your visibility and your power, to embrace the meaning and value of your life, and to be yourself unapologetically!  

I understand that oftentimes, we wish to be in a different place in our lives, thinking this "healing journey" means getting to some future ideal version of self.  However, the healing journey is less of a “pilgrimage” and more of an unfolding of what is already inside you.


Every single one of us has what we need, but sometimes we just don't know it yet, or we don't know how to access it yet.  That is why, sometimes, we need a therapist to help shine light to areas that need to be looked at and remind us of the deeper truths.  Together, we can explore and integrate new possibilities, new perspectives, and new ways of being.  

Areas of Specialty

Aspects of Therapy

Adjusting to "Adulting"

Anxiety / Social Anxiety


Feeling Overwhelmed

Feeling Unaligned

Feeling Unfulfilled

In a Time of Change or Transition
Navigating ADHD and/or Autism



Relationship Challenges



Self-Limiting Beliefs & Patterns

White lotus in a lake


Befriending your Nervous System

Connecting with Your Truth

Creating New Paths

Inner Child Work

Integration & Embodiment




Trust in Yourself & Your Intuition

Unlearning Conditioning


Unpacking Beliefs

Book Your First Visit

Initial Consultation (15 min) - FREE

Individual Therapy (60 min) - $145

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